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That Creative Space

Uncover and release your creativity!
Go from following tutorials to creating art to call your own. 

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Too often we feel the pressure of making good art, “insta-worthy” art, serious art, meaningful art. But pressuring ourselves with all of these outside marks of success is not helping us make art and often gets us stuck in fear.

Fear that sounds like:

  • I’ve done the tutorials but how the heck do I start making something “of my own”?
  • Who am I to call myself a real artist (spoiler: you can already!!)?
  • I am not good or talented enough to do this?
  • What will others think if I start painting? 
  • How will I ever make any “good art”?
  • I can’t try this… it is a waste of supplies to even think about it.
  • All these “trust the process” and “your style will just appear” are so frustrating, because how is that even true?
  • I’m too old to start something new.

What if we told you that the way to get unstuck from those fears and to grow in your art making journey is quite simple: you need to play!

For this, we’ve created something you might enjoy. Something to help you grow out of the fear of creating.

Surround yourself with other like-minded creative people who want to explore new things. Let’s play, explore and grow together. We will help you conquer these fears and set a sustainable art practice rooted in play and exploration.

Are you looking for a community of like-minded explorers, to set or expand your own art practice, to grow as an artist? 

Then That Creative Space is for you!

Join the wait list if you want to be notified when That Creative Space re-opens!

That Creative Space will enable you to:

  • Develop your art, learn to make art for fun, to play with no afterthought
  • Find ways to bring playfulness into your art practice
  • Grow as an artist, moving away from tutorials and skill gathering towards finding your own processes
  • Set a sustainable art practice that fits your schedule and personal goals
  • Connect with other artists who, like you, want to set/expand their art practice
  • Have a safe and private community away from social media, where sharing vulnerable pieces is more comfortable
  • Learn from each other, swap stories, experiences and ideas around our shared mission
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations and expert perspective
  • Learn how to tap into yourself and make art that comes from deep within you

So that you can grow and thrive as an artist and a creative human being!

What is included?

When you join That Creative Space, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Monthly themes to help focus our explorations together
  • Monthly “Creating Together” sessions to kick off the monthly explorations 
  • Weekly creative prompts and exercises to help you explore the theme of the month and help you make art that comes from deep within you
  • Themed posts to inspire you 
  • Continued support and guidance throughout the month through the community and via dedicated Discord channels on the Shitbook Friends’ server 
  • Open “studio” times during the month, to spend a little time co-creating or asking advice from the hosts and members
  • Coaching and mentoring during masterminds
  • Additional (downloadable) resources
  • Learn how to set up a sustainable art practice and maintain it 

Join our community and connect to other wonderful artists!

Get to make art that comes from you and set up your own artistic journey. Liberate your creativity from fears.





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